AUI 5 upgrade guides

You can find upgrade guide for the latest version here.

Upgrading from 5.8.x to 5.9

Inline dialog

Tag name

Inline dialog 1 is still deprecated but usable via the imperative AUI.InlineDialog() API. However, the Inline Dialog 2 custom element has been renamed to Inline Dialog.

persistent property / attribute

The persistent attribute is now a boolean attribute.

Boolean attributes

Now that persistent is a boolean attribute, this means that if you set persistent="false", it will be interpreted as true.


Event listeners now do not contain the component prefix. They are only prefixed with aui-. This will be a convention for everything moving forward.

Methods removed in favour of open property / attribute

The hide(), isVisible() and show() methods have all been removed in lieu of a single open property / attribute.

Upgrading from 5.7.x to 5.8

Inline dialog

More details of the inline dialog upgrade can be found in the inline dialog component guide.