Upgrading from 5.8 to 5.9

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The following lists all of the backward incompatible changes and their alternatives. If no alternative is provided, advice will be given on how to proceed.

Inline dialog

Tag name

Inline dialog 1 is still deprecated but usable via the imperative AUI.InlineDialog() API. However, the Inline Dialog 2 custom element has been renamed to Inline Dialog.

persistent property / attribute

The persistent attribute is now a boolean attribute.

Boolean attributes

Now that persistent is a boolean attribute, this means that if you set persistent="false", it will be interpreted as true.


Event listeners now do not contain the component prefix. They are only prefixed with aui-. This will be a convention for everything moving forward.

Methods removed in favour of open property / attribute

The hide(), isVisible() and show() methods have all been removed in lieu of a single open property / attribute.